About the Author

RJ is an aspiring novelist who has a passion for storytelling and a soft spot for poetry. She joined a writer’s club at her tiny high school at the border of suburbia and the cornfields of the Midwest. That small band of somewhat like-minded individuals taught her more about people than writing. Her most invaluable writing lessons were learned sitting in a circle on the floor of a classroom listening to the others read their works aloud. When she went off to college she promised herself she’d finish something she started back in writer’s club, but three years later she found herself no further on that first draft than when she’d left. Those old connections had faded as the others entered adulthood and writing took a backseat to life. Finding herself in a situation conceptually akin to that of her novel’s protagonist and compelled to move forward by a thin thread of hope, she began anew.

RJ is currently writing the first draft of what she hopes will be her first novel. She has scraps and scenes for three other novels and a compilation of short stories, but those will have to wait.

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